Thursday, August 18, 2011

Food Snobbery

At work eating biscotti.

Which is a little classier than Cheetos.

Wow, I have a class system for food. Is that because I'm English? Do I consider Cheetos a 'working class' snack? And how does that explain my devotion to Pot Noodles? And didn't I just put Pot Noodles in the same category? Am I....gasp!....a culinary snob??

I have often been told that in England we have a class system, and in America we don't. I don't believe that is true. To make a long, boring argument I really don't want to have short, as far as I can see, in England you are born into it, in America you buy into it. Obviously this is a simplistic generalisation with some exceptions which render my ramblings completely meaningless.

I went to a Very Posh School. The kids who went to the local public school would yell at us in the street, recognising us by our strict navy convent girl uniforms. But at school, I certainly wasn't one of the kids who threw pool parties, had discos (it was the Eighties, OK?!) in their stables and turned up at school in a Bentley. My Mum cleaned the houses of some of their parents and sent herself to night classes to learn to be a secretary. My Dad worked nights, or got up at 4am, working thirty eight years for the Post Office. I was proud to pull up next to the posh cars in our dodgy old Viva. My parents earned that parking space!

My point is, I saw snobbery from both sides. Those who have looking down on those who have less, and those who had not making assumptions about those who had. So, when I talk about class, I don't really mean social or economic status. I mean that indefinable something which you can either have, or not, regardless of either.

As for classy food...Sarah, if you're reading this, I'll be there in October. Get in the curry flavoured Supernoodles and a jar of Nutella, make some of our 'creative' spag bol, and see if you can wrestle the Sangria off your mother!

Sorry Diane.

I am in SO much trouble when I get there.


Eating Cheetos in Church....

So. Eating Cheetos in church. Thats probably bad, right? Eating artificial cheese flavoured lumpy orange things made from corn syrup and polystyrene, while the Pastor is talking about 'symptoms of spiritual heart disease' - oh my, so many levels of wrong there!

If I was far more spiritual than I am, I would get a good teaching stylie illustration out of that, but I've lost my edge since my Beach Mission days, when I could throw together a children's talk with three points all starting with the same letter just from someone sneezing.

Ah, simpler times! Better? Worse? Am I more enlightened in my approach now, or have I lost something along the way? And, more importantly, is it all just the result of too many Cheetos?!