Christmas Eve

The room feels more like Christmas now,
The tree is up, the gifts beneath,
The box of decorations found,
The shopping done, to my relief,
Outside, the snow begins to fall
New England likes a winter view,
Just one thing missing from it all
I wish I could be there with you.

The Worship Team rehearses long.
A service here, by candlelight,
I think about the Christmas songs
They're playing up in town tonight,
As crazy shoppers push and shove
In West Quay, or the Marlands Mall
Buying gifts for those they love,
Like I would do for one and all.

For Sarah, its a trip to 'Lush',
A box of handmade smelly things,
Perhaps a duck, or dolphin plush,
And lots of little silly things.
For Claire, 'Past Times' is more the place,
Some Celtic jewelry, just her style,
For PJ, something in bad taste,
Bought just to see my Pigeon smile!

Then later, as the night draws in
All piling into Sarah's car,
We sing along, with such a din
That Romsey hears us from afar
And then, into the Abbey grounds,
We look up at our sacred place
And happiness that we all found
Each other is on every face.

The service starts. the carols sing
Matt will sit and watch, enthralled,
Believing all over again
The deeper meaning of it all.
Claire reflects the candle light,
And sees the wonder, and the pain,
Reflecting on this magic night,
Of peace and love that still remains.

Sarah's eyes are filled with tears
As she remembers all the times
She was afraid to be in here,
Yet now she has a faith that shines,
I am looking all around
At faces full of Christmas cheer.
And thanking God that I have found
A 'family' I hold so dear

So as I sit here in this place
To think about this Christmas Eve,
Its with a heart thats filled with praise
For all the gifts I have received,
Both on the floor beneath the tree,
My precious husband, and my home,
A Dad, who's favourite gift is me,
My God, who says we're not alone.

But still, on that most holy night
As I perform the sacred songs,
In dimness of the candle light,
I'll shed a tear, and I will long
Your faces for a time to see,
And in that moment I will send
A message to you all from me,
Happy Christmas to my friends.