Poems of Nofinch Quackbury

An Invitation from AJ Quackpaddle....

I'm swimming in the Splosh Pond,
You ought to come on by,
We've ordered out to Fruitbat Land
For lots of apple pie,
Giraffes have all been baking,
So we're having cake for free,
With Pond Water Quackaccinos,
Or, if you prefer it, tea.

The Duckage are arriving soon,
I'm not the only one,
Theres Dunkin' Duck and Waddlesplash,
The parties just begun,
We're going to a Yayquack Dance
And if I'm not mistaken,
There'll be quackin' karaoke,
And tail feathers will be shaken!

If you're not a Duck,
You're very welcome still to come,
It should be quite a gathering
before our time is done..
We invited Frank the Camel
And I'm sure hes bringing friends,
And a few resentful finches
Always make a lively blend...

If you've never been to see us
You should really come today,
Never heard of Nofinch Quackbury?
Its not far, we'll show the way,
Its just up the road and round the bend,
And past a gene or two,
Just close your eyes and you may find
The Duck that lives in you.....

Skatewaddling at the Splosh Pond

Today, a certain Duck we know
He waddled to the place
Where Ducks all like to go,
When he returned, I saw his face...
His feathers fluffed in great alarm,
His bill was all a-quiver,
He quacked "The pond is frozen,
All the way down to the river!"

My thoughts were quite the same as his,
What was a Duck to do?
"Call off the Yayquack Dance? A shame -
I wish it wasn't true!"
But Waddlesplash then quacked aloud,
And being rather smart, he
Declared "I know!" (He looked quite proud)
"We'll have a Skating Party!"

The Nofinch Quackbury Yayquack Dance
Is known for miles around,
Even finches come if theres a chance
That they will be allowed.
The residents of Fruitbat Land
Arrive on Apple Pies,
And everybody gives a hand,
Or wing, for those who fly!

So everybody set about
To changing for the weather,
Its amazing what the Bats and Ducks
Can all achieve together
Skates were found for those without
Webbed feet to serve the purpose,
And all the pond was checked for cracks,
And polished on the surface.

A quacking time was had by all
The Apple Pies were eaten,
Frank, he couldn't skate at all,
But camels won't be beaten!
Every creature helped his friend
The food and drink were flowing,
And none who went could bear to end
The night or think of going!

But finally, when all was done
We gathered round the pond,
Although we're all from different lands,
We share a common bond,
We all believe in Christmas
So to celebrate the cause,
The Duckage gave a YAYQUACK,
Bats, a round of wing applause!

Waddlesplash got up to quack
No speaker could be finer,
He coughed a little nervously,
And, putting down his cider,
He told the story once again
About this time of year
Of the greatest Duck theres ever been,
Sent down to save us here.

At this, a little squaller turned
And asked his Fruitbat Mother
"I thought He was a little Bat?
Or do they mean another?"
"Oh no, He is the very same"
she gently did respond,
For Camels, Ducks, AND Bats He came,
For ALL around the pond."

So come on down and skate awhile
And join our quacky songs,
And share the joy in Quackbury,
We have it all year long,
But Christmas, well, we like to think
We do it rather well,
So grab some Squibblemint,
Now, all together...."RIMPLE JELLS...."