Amanda's Fairytale

There once was a child
Who created a world
That could all be controlled
By just one little girl,
Where she was allowed
To have feelings, and fly,
And to build her own castle
Right up to the sky.

But that child was expected
To take on the blame,
Her dreams were rejected,
They made her ashamed,
When she flew, just a word
Brought her down from the sky,
So she stayed on the ground,
Too afraid now to try.

Now in all fairy tales
Theres a hero as well
Who frees the young Princess
By breaking the spell
And exposing the truth
Of the lies that have bound,
'Til she knows it for sure
That her lost heart is found.

But then she wakes up
And the hero is gone,
It was only a dream
And those never last long,
So she stays in he room
And she closes the door,
She can't see the point
In her dreams anymore.

So she chooses to grow up
Find new ways to hide,
Where she learns not to feel
And forgets how to cry,
Self abuse and addiction
Are new ways to run
In her fairy tale country
She turns out the sun.

But still there is hope -
Things are not as they seem,
Somewhere inside,
Still a little girl dreams,
Deep down she believes
That her country is there,
But its harder to find
Because no one else cares.

Then one day she sees it,
A name that she knows,
Though she fears his rejection,
The hope starts to grow,
Could there still be someone
Who comes from her land?
If she says shes the Princess
Would he understand?

So she tries reaching out -
Is the fairy tale real?
She loses her doubt
When she sees how he feels,
Hes known who she was
Since the time she was small,
It seems that her hero
Is real after all

So, like all good fairy tales
There has been pain,
But the little girl feels
Like shes living again,
And shes waiting to meet him,
Her hero, her Father,
She'll be his Princess
Happily, ever after.

Amanda's Fairytale, Part Two   

One day, a sound, a distant call,
It echoed down the palace hall,
The Princess didn't know the voice,
But to ignore it had no choice -
The messenger had come to say
A visitor arrived today,
Amanda turned, and there she saw
The one she had been waiting for.

She stopped, amazed, and stared a while,
While on her face, the biggest smile
Was forming, as she looked upon
A dream she thought would never come,
The visitor was smiling too,
And said to her "Its really you...
I've waited all my life to see
The daughter who was lost to me!"

The visitor's arms opened wide,
Princess Amanda stepped inside
Gave thanks to God, who, from above,
Had answered all her prayers with love,
That finally, she could be held
By someone who was like herself,
Who, laughing, looked into her eyes,
and said, "I know that you are mine."

So much to tell, so much to share,
The years when they had not been there,
Amanda was surprised to see,
"There's somebody who looks like me!"
And after this most precious time
Their future bond was now defined,
And happily, they'd always be
The Princess, and her Mum, the Queen.

Alas, the words that you have read
Were only in Amanda's head,
This dream, that she would like to tell,
It really WAS a fairytale,
The royalty, she never found,
But fairytales, turned upside down
And once you sort through all the mess,
Can sometimes turn out for the best....

In all these stories, you'll have heard
A certain other character,
Shes usually not very nice,
And kills the Princess in a trice!
But it so happens, this time round,
The Princess looked, and she has found
An enemy? No, someone called
The Wickedest Step Mum of All!

You see, there is another way
To understand this word we say,
'Wicked' usually means bad,
But if (like dear Amanda's Dad...)
You're trendy, hip and rather cool,
Then 'wicked' isn't bad at all!
Though not the one to give her birth,
The role of 'Queen' she well deserved,

It can be hard to say goodbye,
But sometimes stories have to die,
Amanda, she will always care
About the things which are not there,
But they can still be put away
To look towards a brighter day
With newer dreams, where she can be
With those she calls her family.