Beauty from Pain

I may not want to wake up in the morning,
To face another day just like before,
And tomorrow,when I do, as it is dawning,
The pain may still be there, hard to ignore,
I may still have to fight for every minute,
And feel the way I did today, again,
Lord, I pray that even while I'm in it,
You'll remind me still that beauty comes from pain,

I might still be afraid about tomorrow,
And of the pain with which I to have to live,
I still feel I am drowning in my sorrow,
I'm tired, I have nothing left to give,
You know how hard I'm finding it to trust you,
And like I could make a choice to go insane,
Lord, give me strength to do the things I must do,
And remember still how beauty comes from pain.

I know that everything that I hold precious
Has come to me out of the darkest nights,
I've seen You work with all my biggest messes
And turn all of the darkness into light,
My closest friend was made out of our trials,
My biggest childhood loss has been returned,
My purest faith from all that was defiled,
The hardest are the deepest lessons learned.

So as I sleep tonight, and when I waken,
Please heal the pain, in body and in mind,
Give me a hope that never will be shaken,
And help me see my future through the eyes
Of those who can already see my beauty,
And all the life for me that still remains,
And I will work, and wait for You, believing
That You can still bring beauty from my pain.