How I Know I Am a Writer

I've wondered for the longest time
Just what is my career?
I know I'm not what I have done.
That much is very clear,
I'm lousy on the checkout,
Stacking shelves did not enthrall,
Retail makes me want to bang my head
Against the nearest wall...

Working in a bakery?
Well, thats a good idea..
Staring down the donuts
Filled with diabetic fear,
Serving the ungrateful
Being told I can't make tea,
I find it quite distasteful -
No, it really isn't me!

Having someone more important
Always tell me what to do,
(After all, he runs a business,
Earning more than me, its true..)
In my years of education
A BA with Hons., no less,
I never learned to rotate dairy products,
I confess!

Now, honest work for pay is good,
Whatever form it takes,
But I'm not doing what I should,
Theres been a big mistake,
I think I took a turning wrong,
My confidence was lacking,
After training for the stage,
I ended up in charge of snacking!

So I sit here in a book cafe
And try to understand,
Feeling quite pretentious
With my latte in my hand,
And suddenly the light has dawned,
The room is getting brighter...
If nothing else is working,
I must really be a writer!