The Christmas Day Phone Call

Hello, is that you, Joshua?
Well, happy Christmas Day!
Its Auntie Ruth and Uncle Matt
Here in the USA...
Whats that? You got our gift?
And now you're playing with your games?
Joshua, we wondered if - oh, hello -
Is that James?

Your little brother went to play?
Too long away from toys?
Well, Christmas is a big day
For excited little boys..
You got the greatest train set,
But your Daddy just got socks?
Now Daddy's playing with the train,
And you just have the box?

Its snowing, and you've been outside,
You built a snowman, really?
Its just as big as Grandad is
And twice as wide, well, nearly!
Whats that, sweetie? No, I'm fine,
its maybe just a cold,
I'm not crying as I listen to
My nephew, five years old.

Oh, Joshua, you're back again...
I thought you had to go?
You got a great big aeroplane?
(It really flies, you know!)
Thats great, love, now put Daddy on,
And Mummy, if shes free...
Happy Christmas, boys,
I hope you still remember me.