Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Resolutions....

Its that time of year again. Yes, thats right, the beginning. 2011. There it is. Like a Monday morning, but bigger.

Now, I know many people say their resolution is not to make a resolution! I understand this point of view. There is nothing magic about the beginning of a year (even less on a Monday morning!) and we all make the same decisions over and over again, and then January 2nd comes and we look up from the Chinese buffet and go.....', well I'll start Monday....its still the holiday, right?'

I have tried this approach, but I am simply not wired this way. Because the part of me that believes in Disney and shooting stars and unicorns and still watches out of the window for Santa's sleigh, even though she knows she is supposed to be a boring grown up now, DOES think there is something magic about it. Magic in the sense of wonder and hope. To express it in terms of my faith, maybe it is that moment when you look up and say, yes God, you ARE there, and things CAN change, and I will begin this year believing.

So, what ARE my New Years Resolutions for 2011?

- To live out my Christian faith from a place of joy and grace, instead of through the filter of anger and fear which I carried through last year.

- To lose the weight. This is one of those 'oh, I say that every year' things, so you won't believe it until you see it. I won't believe it until I see it! But this year, I am done with 'to reach a place of serenity and fat acceptance regardless of.....' Oh, shut up. I only need one chin. I would like, this year, to find the original one again.

- To write every day. This is the year of putting it all out there as a writer. I don't know what will come back, I don't know if anyone will see fit to pay me, or to buy my book. But I will write regardless and not give in to 'I'm not good enough and nothings going to happen therefore I won't try'.

- To keep hanging out with those unicorns. May we never lose our sense of wonder.

Happy New Year x


  1. May God Bless your goals for this year. And PLEASE clean up after the unicorns!

  2. haha....the unicorns apologize....