Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trouble with my Whelm....

whelmed, whelm·ing, whelms
1. To cover with water; submerge.
2. To overwhelm.

Middle English whelmen, to overturn

There, see. My whelm is well and truly over. I am overturned and sinking fast! Or to put it a bit it is....I am overwhelmed, tired, depressed and having was it...clarifying my something...yes, thoughts. THOUGHTS. Right.

I do apologize to my blogees for not writing yesterday, and for starting off on such a cheery note today. But if this blog is to be about me, then I think it most likely that it will follow my mood swings too. The up side of this is that sometimes I am funny. When I'm not, you know, having whelm trouble. I hope it all balances out in the end and I don't send you all gibbering under the nearest piece of furniture. (Oh hello, welcome, there was some chocolate under here somewhere....)

It is nearing the end of The Week I Got Fired now, and I am starting to feel it a little. Yes, it is probably a good thing in the long run, and yes, I believe I am supposed to be a writer, ultimately. And YES, I DO believe that in the end, this year will be different because of that. But of course I have also lost that little bit of security that comes from knowing you will get tips tomorrow, and a check on pay day...of having a 'proper job' and a routine. I'm also worn out by the reasons I lost the job in the first place. I had been ill for a while with my diabetes and related issues, and then for the last two weeks or so, in a lot of pain with my arthritis (good grief, what am I, eighty??!) Yes, I can know that I didn't lose my job through anything that was within my control, but on the other hand, that is so frustrating. Though I can't honestly say my poor body doesn't have the right to get a certain amount of revenge for the things I have done to it and ESPECIALLY the things I have said to it over the years....if I was my body, I would have left by now... thank you, and sorry, Body!

So, you know what, I'm just tired. At times when I get like this, and I feel the depression creeping up on me, I often remember the Old Testament story of when Elijah was, frankly, in a right mood. "Oh, Lord, theres nobody else, I have to do this all alone, nobody caaaares......" His whelm, one might say, was over. So did God give him a big old vision and zap him better? No. He sorted him out. Food and sleep, followed by a job to do, a purpose for him to get back to working out.

Tomorrow, I will, as a certain group I was in used to say, 'do the next right thing'. Maybe God will send some ravens to stop me ravin'.


  1. I'm pretty sure I liked everything about this post. I'd point out specifics and commend you especially on certain parts, but it's 4:35AM and my brain just isn't quite up to it.

    I, too, think you should be a writer and hey! You got published, so you're on your way!

  2. Wow, I thought at first you were having trouble with your "whelk" which would just be wrong, as they're usually so well behaved.
    Fine writing as always!

  3. Thanks Jessica, at 4.35am you maybe excused from coherent thought!

    Matt, the family whelk is fine, as you say, he is a mild mannered chap and not given to outbursts, usually!

  4. When my whelm is good and thoroughly overed, I like to remember the story about the donkey in the well. I can take that dirt the world tosses on me, and my myself a set of steps :)